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Help needed with CCTV system and which cameras

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Hi, I need to design a camera system for external spaces at work. We dont have internet yet and a budget around £2k


Hoping for some advice on which cameras to use: the yard is about 40 metres in a circle from the telecoms pole in the centre of the picture. Only looking a the larger 2 warehouses on the left of the picture with the large shutter at the front


My thoughts are

4 wide angle cameras mounted on the telecoms pole on the right corner of building to cover yard.


1 camera pointed up the road to read number plates at 30m (cant see this)


Facial recognition cameras on the 4 access points to the main warehouses (i guess on the inside pointing out to capture faces upto 15m)

- large shutter with fire on front

- door and windows either side on the front

- 2 small shutters on right side (hard to see in photo)


Thanks for any help with this


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Hi. Looks like you are in the uk.


2k is a good budget can even go 16 cam 4mp with that budget.


Just a few problems .... BT pole you want to attach cameras ...... will cost you twice your budget in fines ...... you can’t attach to any BT pole in uk.


Nothing stopping you from adding your own pole ..... and also within your budget you could have a ptz to cover car park area.


You seem to have the outdoors covered. But nothing for internal .


Are you a low value warehouse or high.? With your budget I would go 16 cameras

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Hi Tom, thanks for the reply!


The cameras will not be monitored just used for reference if necessary and will be high value site.


After seeing your comments and looking into it want 5 fixed bullet outdoor cameras, 4-5mb


Also need 8 fixed dome cameras internally, 4-5mb.


I think an ip system is indicated.


We will avoid BTs pole! Thanks for pointing that out


Hoping someone can help suggest what cameras are a good buy at the moment and what system (HDD, screen etc) we would need around this to be practical?

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