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Night mode ccrv issue

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I have a H VIEW cctv system. The cameras are 1080p 2.0mp cameras on coaxial Cable. The night mode is 2 array LEDS. I've noticed on 1 camera when it goes into night mode it starts playing up. Day time is fine it's just night time. I'll attach some pictures and wondered if anybody has ever had same problem and what was it. Pic 1&2 is the problem. Picture 3 is what it should look like. Just to add all cables are fine.






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Pic 2 looks like it COULD be ir reflection. A cut and paste of the causes.


1 The camera is deployed directly underneath a surface and at an angle with which the IR is reflected back onto the camera lens.

2 Dust or dirt on the dome.

3 Camera is deployed behind a glass window.

4 Condensation within the dome or on the outside.

5 The lens gasket not being sealed against the dome optic.

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