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CMS doesn't login to my DVR locally

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Hi CCTV Gurus,

I have recently resurrected my camera DVR (Nichietsu) and want to set it up as I initially intended, albeit quite a few years ago now. So I started locally on my Win 10 PC and the http connection logs me in but doesn't show any video. Ok, so let's download the latest CMS software and try that. The software loads fine but when adding the device it gives a "login timeout" error and doesn't register it at all.


I know that I am using the correct IP, port, username and password in CMS,

I can PING the device from my PC,

I can http into the device from my PC (no video),


CMS on my PC can't login, any suggestions?

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It will not work with Firefox, Firefox disabled the use of NPAPI plugins a few versions ago.


Then download older ver

Firefox Setup 52.0.1esr_64 bit

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