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l brick my dvr dahua

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l have dahua dvr DVR0404LF-AS

This DVR is running versions…

Webrec Control




s/a PA#GP02900499

BIOS 2.608.0000.3 BUILT 2012-11-2


l try to upgrade it via Config Tool

l put general_dvrxx04lf-as_31xxh_eng_n_v2.608.0000.7.r.20170312


it updated succecfuly it tell thatit reboot......and after that the dvr is bricked

what l can do?

it doesnt start.no signal cant see it at


thanks for the help


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have you been able to solve this?


It looks like the correct firmware might have been:



But if you can't see your device on the network, you probably can't telnet into it.


If you open it up and look carefully at the board, you will see printed on the circuit board RS232

It will have 3 or 4 pins.

Get an RS232-TTL module, find it on ebay.


I think you can transfer new firmware through using a null modem cable. I'm not 100% sure about this.

I don't know the steps, but I'm sure there are guys here that can do a firmware upload this way.


have a look at this guy's video

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