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CCTV cabling project

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Looking for some advice on a project I have been tasked with.


I have very basic knowledge of CCTV systems and understand the limitations of cat5e cables.


What I would like to try and achieve if possible is run a cctv system from its NVR through about 30 metres of cat5e to a junction box.

From here I would like to run it down about 170m of 19AWG, 0.75mm twisted pair.

From here it would then be spliced into a short run of cat5e cable of about 2m to the camera.


My main question is what the effect of the 19AWG, 0.75mm twisted pair will have on the signal quality?

Is there a PoE device that would boost the signal over this distance (say between the cat5e and the 170m of 19AWG, 0.75mm twisted pair)

Is there another option (already looking at a wifi connection but the equipment will be in harsh conditions) that could be utilised using these existing cables?



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I would look at an ethernet extender that would allow you to use one length of cable for the entire distance their are some extenders useing coax that would allow this. I found a ethernet extender over coax for distances up to 700 meters for 89.00 this device will not pass POE but you can find converters that do. If you have power avaliable at the camera end you could even use a poe injector near the camera location.

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Hi Jeromephone


Thanks for the reply, I didn't want to complicate things with to much detail though I realise I probably need to offer more detail to help with replies.


The camera is going to be viewing equipment towed at sea, the equipment is supplied by a large umbilical which has the 19AWG twisted pair going through it which is all I have to utilise, there is a fibreoptic cable which has not been terminated and in installments in the future I intend to ask for this to be terminated to use this method, but before that I need to prove the concept of having the cameras on the equipment working and producing a decent image of the equipment.


The umbilical is on a large winch which is why I need the Ethernet cable to wire into a junction box, to the umbilical. We can supply power down the umbilical separately if needed. This is why if these cables cant be used I will probably have to start looking at a wireless connection (equipment is 130m behind the vessel) but would rather have as least equipment as possible towed at sea (the less there is at sea the less that could go wrong)

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can you use a AHD camera instead of aN Ip camera if you could do that you could use baluns on your cat 5 portion and use the 19 ga the same way not sure but if you could PM me with a sketch maybe something could be figured out.

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