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Lots of different ports - what do I actually need?

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Hello all


I'm upgrading an existing site and getting a bit confused with the amount of ports different manufacturers seem to have in their camera and NVR set ups - I'm not sure I even need to set them all.


It will be on a site with Samsung / Hanwha IP cameras plugged into an NVR, which is networked on its own VLAN. on a different edge switch across site will be a workstation running Smartviewer or SSM software to remote view and playback the footage. All inside the LAN - no mobile phone apps or any need to be able to connect outside of the network (the IT department has said if they ever want this they want to use teamviewer on the workstation... I'm arguing this but for now... )


I get using sequential IP addresses and the normal IT networking such as gateways.


But no idea if I need to care about each camera having differently numbered ports such as HTTP, HTTPS, Device Ports, VNP ports, RTSP ports.

I thought these needed a different number for each, but in practise I've been to sites where the HTTP port for every camera was 80?


Also the NVR has the option to select UDP or TCP ports for transmitting but do I need to care if its not going outside the LAN?


Anyone that can help with what ports I actually need to number separately or not worry about setting altogether greatly appreciated




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