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  1. Hello all I'm upgrading an existing site and getting a bit confused with the amount of ports different manufacturers seem to have in their camera and NVR set ups - I'm not sure I even need to set them all. It will be on a site with Samsung / Hanwha IP cameras plugged into an NVR, which is networked on its own VLAN. on a different edge switch across site will be a workstation running Smartviewer or SSM software to remote view and playback the footage. All inside the LAN - no mobile phone apps or any need to be able to connect outside of the network (the IT department has said if they ever want this they want to use teamviewer on the workstation... I'm arguing this but for now... ) I get using sequential IP addresses and the normal IT networking such as gateways. But no idea if I need to care about each camera having differently numbered ports such as HTTP, HTTPS, Device Ports, VNP ports, RTSP ports. I thought these needed a different number for each, but in practise I've been to sites where the HTTP port for every camera was 80? Also the NVR has the option to select UDP or TCP ports for transmitting but do I need to care if its not going outside the LAN? Anyone that can help with what ports I actually need to number separately or not worry about setting altogether greatly appreciated Thanks! Matt
  2. mattmbr2005

    IP Cat5e patching at camera

    Hi all! Just wondering if any of you have found a good way of terminating cat5e at your cameras if you cant hide it in a false ceiling? Most large systems I would have a patch bay under my switch, run cat5e out to camera locations, terminate in a face plate and then use a patch lead into the camera. But what do you guys do if its a solid ceiling / can't hide face plate? I've had to use the odd enclosure before but it looks messy next to an IP camera.... Thanks Matt
  3. Hello all I am looking at upgrading the DVR's on a site to the newer samsung SRD-1673D DVR's. The site already has several SPD-2700 domes. I've been told I need to change the controller to Samsung's 6000 series controller to control the new DVR's properly. However, someone has told me that the older SPD-2700 domes wont work with the new DVR's.... I can't see how this is... surely so long as the settings are correct it will work ?! Surely any PTZ that supports RS-485 will work ?! Can someone please help! Matt
  4. mattmbr2005


    Hi all Looking to buy the Samsung SRD-1673D DVR's So far the cheapest is Avtechcctv.co.uk - the price is much cheaper than anywhere I can see!! Just wondered if anyone had any dealings with this site.... Knew if it was a good supplier. They seem to have good prices... Matt
  5. mattmbr2005

    960H Technology Question

    OK. I think I'll have to tell them that unless they go IP, there really isn't anywhere they can take the CCTV that really improves on what they have now. The problem with the hybrid idea is no one can give me a solution. All the DVR's are Samsung. The current software doesn't support IP cameras and the upgraded software doesn't support the older SVR-1645 DVR's!! Can anyone suggest a decent third party software that call pull the older DVR's and any new IP cameras into one piece of software for remote viewing, playback etc? I was looking at milestone but they do not support SVR-1645 DVR's. Thanks, Matt
  6. mattmbr2005

    960H Technology Question

    Hi Guys... I know SDI will mean swapping both cameras and DVR. I was looking at keeping what they have and using new SDI DVR's and Camera's for FUTURE additions and swapping out over time. As I've said twice now, the client doesn't want to go IP, but just to clear up... Something I've yet to be convinced by with IP: The site currently uses around 60 cameras. The bandwidth would be spread over the switches etc and thats fine. However, surely the bottleneck is the remote view station? Because the client wants ONE machine, running the software, the view ALL 60 cameras easily. Now if it was connecting to 60 1080P cameras, surely to get any decent kind of quality and frame rate I've been told the machine would need a direct fibre NIC card from the backbone network switch - otherwise traffic to the remote view PC would be too high..... Thoughts? This seems expensive... Matt
  7. mattmbr2005

    960H Technology Question

    IT infrastructure is not suitable and the cost of upgrading is high - Switches, Cat 5, network bandwidth. Not to mention the head banging with IT people. Plus the client simply doesn't want IP. The site has around 60 cameras. Swapping all for IP and NVR's as well as the amount of fibre, switches etc is just not an option. Surely going HD-SDI over time with new cameras and DVR's, then swapping out the existing is best? The existing coax runs can still be used? What coax do people recommend for SDI? Also, I've seen 'special' SDI BNC connectors.... Can I not use regular ones? Thanks people, your help is greatly appreciated.
  8. mattmbr2005

    960H Technology Question

    Thanks guys - Sorry for the confusion. Just to confirm IP is NOT an option and won't be for a considerable time. It's not suitable for the building. Like I said they have SVR-1645's now, so already recording in D1 resolution... I guess the best option is HD-SDI for any additional cameras - The site uses samsung's remote view software to view the DVR's accross the site so i'll have to stick with samsung HD-SDI DVR's - The client only wants ONE system for remote viewing all DVR's. Thanks for the help folks I'll investigate the HD-SDI options from samsung... any one used them? Matt
  9. mattmbr2005

    960H Technology Question

    Hello all. I am working on a site that wants to upgrade from their current Samsung SVR-1645 DVR's. (Currently D1, not realtime) They want to stay analogue. going IP is NOT an option. I'm looking at the SRD-1673D from Samsung as they can then utilise the 960H technology to record a slightly better resolution. My questions are: 1. If I have previously installed 600 / 650 TVL cameras.... when I swap out the DVR will I see an improvement and be able to record at this resolution? The cameras are over 600 TVL but do not state 'compatable with 960H' as it didn't exist when the camera's were made! 2. Some of the camera's are wired with coax, some use baluns and cat5e. - Assuming the camera is a 650 TVL camera, will it still benefit? or will this method of transmission not work for 960H? Thanks peeps.
  10. mattmbr2005

    Underground CCTV

    Thanks, So do you get them to leave you a pull line installed? I don't have fancy remote control robots Matt
  11. mattmbr2005

    Underground CCTV

    Hello All A regular client is planning on a new car park and like many people, want to utilise the lamp posts for lighting as a point of CCTV. I've done this before with wireless bridges to the building and then cabled back to the central CCTV room, tapping into the power from the post. However this time the client feels this is too costly and wants to cable underground. My questions are: Do you CCTV installers usually do this yourselves? or get ground works to lay it with builders rope lines and just pull through your cables after? Do you have any recommended conduits supplied in the UK? My only experience of this before was a job where all the conduit and pull lines were already in place, but obviously I cannot run in the same as mains power... Thanks people