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DIY 5 Camera Wired Home System?? - Budget £1000

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Hi. I am looking to purchase a wired CCTV system for my home that we can largely install ourselves. We have a detached two story house which would require 5 cameras. I want the cameras to have the ability to record all the time (the house has a large garden surrounding it and there are a number of tall trees close to the house that may set off a motion detector?) and have the ability to store approximately 3 weeks worth of data. Night vision camera quality is also required as is the ability to log onto the internet and view the camera feeds.


If anyone can recommend a suitable system I would really appreciate it as I seem to be going round in circles trying to decide. I live in the UK and my budget is approximately £1000.



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Hi. That is a good budget ..........but you need to look at 8 camera system .... Systems come in 4-8-16-32.


Your looking at 5mp cameras with NVR if your installing yourself


Cat5 cable run from NVR to camera ....IP does not need extra cable for power as the NVR also powers the cameras (POE system)


There are uk built systems like the viper which has emap alarm mobile viewing and playback and P2P connection that stays in this country .... 3 years warranty (uk)

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