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How to update my firmware of my DVR Skilleye

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Hi to everyone,


I have a EDVR a security recorder, name skilleye, model SER-2E1640


Hardwareversie 10682.0.14.Q17-v1.2-31xx

MCU Version 10.04.23

Firmware Versie 3.3.0.P-3531SDI-00

Launch Date 2013-09-30


I can't find website were I can update my DVR?


anyone suggestions ?



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Hi. Why are you looking to update ?


I can't bake-up files on usb-stick (scandisk 32gb). I thought maybe the software doesn't supported new hardware. also tried external hard disk drives 1TB.

Also has a sata connection on the side, haven't yet tried. each file is 5 minutes long. (do I need to format usb-stick fat32 or ntfs) it gives error pop-up.


When I am logged through internetexplorer and want to make a backup on my laptop. It requires a codec, it automatically show on popup to download and I installed it(its says "codec needed for mediaplayer"). Statusbar says complete transfer, but as yet no files can be found on my laptop. I have tried to download/back-up in folder Downloads, C:/, desktop, new folder. empty, no files transferred.


Thank you

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