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Need recommendation on Hikvision DS-7716NI-SP/16 replacement

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I have a DS-7716NI-SP / 16 at work with 16 cameras and I need to upgrade to something more robust that can handle 32 cams. Been a while since I've been in the market for a NVR so not sure on what to expect. I'd like to have the ability to have 10-15 FPS on all cams. A key feature needed is the ability to quickly find events in the video. Originally our unit was great to find events. Then after one of the firmware upgrades, Hikvision removed the ability to quickly skip from one event to the next which really messed up the search function in videos where there are a lot of events triggered.


Our unit has been okay, but I've never been that impressed with the software. It is much better than a few more consumer level units I tried for home use but it still left me lacking each time I had to do anything, such as download video, access the NVR online, etc. Hoping to get some tips here to get a commercial level NVR that is very reliable and has polished software, both for viewing locally and remotely.


I'd like to have a minimum of 30 days of storage, but preferably 60 days. Thank goodness the price of hard drives has fallen a lot in the last few years!


Does anyone have any experience with the DAHUA 4K NVR608-32-4KS2 32? I've seen this one come up a few times browsing around.

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Hi. The dahua will make your hik look like a toy.


And you can still use your existing cameras as well as 4K


Storage is also good with being h265 which doubles your storage.


Also with dahua you will get full USA and Canada support and cloud services...... No going back to a China server.

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Now I'm thinking about going with a 64 Ch unit since the cost is not a lot more as I may end up needing more than 32 cameras eventually. Maybe the Dahua NVR616-64/128-4KS2.


I will need a POE switch but don't know much about them. Is something like the Netgear listed below good for use with the NVR?


NETGEAR 48-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Pro Switch, 4 SFP GbE Fiber Ports, Poe/PoE+, 384w, ProSAFE Lifetime Protection (GS752TP) $533


Most of the cameras I have now are the Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I. They are 3MP and have worked fine for a few years now inside a warehouse and machine shop. I was thinking at first to use them on the new system to save some $$$ but they are H.264 cams so I think they will use 2x the amount of data compared to newer H.265 cameras. If that is the case what I save by using the old cams on the new system II might end up losing by having to buy more hard drives compared to buying all new H.265 cameras.


For the bulk of the new cameras (about 28) I'm thinking about the ones below at around $90 each:


Dahua 4MP Bullet POE IP Camera IPC-HFW4431R-Z,2.7-12mm Motorized Varifocal Lens Optical Zoom IP67 IR Day and Night Outdoor Security Surveillance Camera H.264/H.265


I'm shooting for 90 days of storage at 8FPS so it looks like I'll need 10 8TB drives.


Looks like about $8-9K in hardware based on prices on Amazon and other online sources. Any suggestions for a similar setup package deal that could save some money vs buying everything separately?

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