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Desperately need help picking the correct CCTV camera's

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A mechanic friend of mine has acquired a garage premises and he asked me to look at the CCTV system for him that's already installed. There are only 2 camera's about 15ft on the front of the bay doors looking out and close together, the quality of these is poor. Both have BNC + DC cable to them. I managed to get his existing MaxxDigital Raven standalone H264 8ch to stream live to his home and phone so the next part is upgrading the camera's and possibly adding 1 or 2 more if and when needed.


Each camera run will be 25m - 30m from the DVR. He said he would love at least one main PTZ camera with decent zoom at the front so he can set it to zoom in a day showing car reg plates then zoom out at night to show the yard.

So 3 cameras in total ( one been a PTZ), all running BNC with DC from a 12v 8 way separate psu. I am totally lost and confused regarding which brand and type and lense. We have a budget for all three at about £175-£200 depending on quality.


If anyone can please help me with a few suggestions that would be a huge help to him to secure his new business

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Hi, Im in a similar situation and this is what Ive found in NZ


The Camera and Recording devices need to be matched, so you may find a Kit more useful with the addition of the PTZ cam. POE or wireless (power over Ethenet cable to recording box or internet if avail- gives you cell photo pictures... good for Biz and reporting to police)


Min of 1080P Full Res on Cams and recorder/playback otherwise the lower resolution (720p) is useless to identify for prosecution. also 2MP pixel seems pretty good base to start from.


Checkout retailers in UK that have installers as well (if possible) or chat with those that install to get some clues what you might be facing. So much low Quality stuff on market by brand, you will get familiar quickly by what they don't tell you about the cameras!


Just my 5 cents worth, All the best.

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If you have lots of night light then a 8mp cam is good, but for low light stick with no higher than 2mp

Dahua has a few nice starvis cams that can see with a very min of light and make it day.


This is a great night camera, and its a poe system so it runs on your network not that bnc stuff.

Just talk to andy, if ya wanna buy from Amazon andy has a store there also but the price is higher.




Heres his email if ya want details



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