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Recommendation of dome camera?

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I need some help in buying a dome camera for cctv setup, it needs to be compatible with a kare h.264 digital video recorder and must work on HD, AHD, TVI and CVI. Which is the best one to get and where from please?

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What you are going to use your camera for is the most important thing when choosing which camera to use.

There are so very, very many brands to choose between and while they are mostly similar, there are some pros and cons to most brands.


Don't go for the cheapest camera you can find, as quality often follows price.

I would, however not go for the most expensive either, unless it has the one feature you really need that no other camera has.


If camera brand is the same as DVR brand, you'll have an easier time setting up the camera, most cases.

Otherwise, I'd say that both recorder and camera should support ONVIF.

Most IP cameras today support ONVIF, but not all.

If brand is not equal and one or both your devices do not support ONVIF, you might be in for trouble.

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