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ESS Chris

Trigger pulling

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Hi Guys I am about to spend a chunk of change on a system to protect a building I just bought. This is the system that has been suggested and I though I would get some feed back from the best place possible. Especially because I have had bad experiences in the past and would like to get this right the first time. The links are the closest I could find to the suggested equipment I am unsure if they are the exact match though most appear to be. I am having to peice this order together from online vendors and do understand the risk associated with making these purchases here. I am only using places that I can recoup my $$$ if there are issues. The only thing I am having a hard time doing that is on the NVR.... That one concerns me. If you know a reputable place I can find one please let me know.


10qty ds 2cd2735fwd izs out door domes



10qty pc155 mount


If I buy these instead do I still need the pendent cap and the junction boxes?




10qty wml pendant cap


8qty 2cd2542fwd is 2.8mm mini dome




2qty ds2cd6332 fwd i fish eyes


I found the 6mp in usa on ebay 100% positive feedback on seller. Seems like this would be a better unit to me?




1qty ds7732ni i4 6tb nvr Can not find reputable seller in US



2qty ds 3e0318pe poe switches


I'd like feedback on the equipment selected but I also have a couple of questions surrounding alternatives on specific pieces. Those questions are directed at the PEO switches I cant imaging I would have to by the Hikvsion POE switch. Though I do understand I need a high quality switch due to constant running? Also is there an alternative to the mounts I am having a hard time finding the quantity of mounts I need. I found this alternative and it appears I may not need the pendent cap with it but then I question if the long junction box would work with this mount? Any feed back would be great. Thank you for your time and assistance

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Hi. You will be wasting your money buying from your links.


Nearly $400 on your first link for a China copy import .......that is more than you would pay from aurtherised hik.

With wall bracket your looking at over $500 that is crazy

And on top of that its only 3mp dome.


The company your buying from has already changed its name 3 times



I would take more time and check on who and were you buy from.



How many cameras and what type of business are you protecting.

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Where do i buy ?



Hi. I would look at ADI.


With buying hikvision you need to buy from aurtherised sellers .... Then you get the updates and firmware ....... Buying a copy or gray market you get nothing and in some cases the OSD is in Chinese


But look at the 3mp dome you posted $380 . No support


Then look at ADI 4mp dome $200 and full support .





But I would look at turret cameras as there much better than domes

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