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Do I need to forward Ports using a wired CCTV system

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I have a basic question, I can't seem to get a definite answer on the internet any help would be great !


First here is my system.........


I am using 6 Wired Hikvision cameras, No IP cameras


Hikvision Embedded net DVR, DS-7208QHI-F1\N. Firmware V3.4.80 Build 161028


I am using the Client software to view my cameras from my work place on Windows 10, Client version V2.7.0.10 which works fine, apart from the odd crash


I am using IVMS 4500 lite to view from my Iphone, which works fine


Here is my question....


Do I need to Forward Ports from inside my home Internet Router specifically HTTP port 80 ? Or is this just for IP Cameras ?


I just cant get an answer from the Web, One that i understand anyway


Thank you for reading this

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First - you said you are able to view the cameras on your pc and phone. Does that mean you are able to view them remotely?


If yes, there is No Problem.


However if you aren't able to view them remotely then you need to do ONE of two things


1. Forward "device port" - 8000 (by default) and "http port" - 80 (by default) to the IP address of the DVR




2. Activate HIKCONNECT in the DVR menu and connect through that.

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