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Hikvision 1080p VGA problem

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I have a Hikvision 1080p DVR that I have connected to two monitors. One using the HDMI port and one using the VGA port.


When I set the output of the DVR to 1080x1920 pixels, the monitor that is connected via VGA goes blank.


But it works ok if I lower the resolution to 1024x1280.


However I have read that VGA does support 1080p! And the Hikvision sure mentions 1080p VGA.


And both monitors are also 1080p,


If the VGA isn’t going to work with 1080p, is it possible to have two seperate output resolutions? 1080p for the HDMI and less for the VGA?



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Does anyone have any ideas?


As i have emailed Hikvision tech support and even they cannot figure out why this is happening.


They say the VGA should work fine at 1080p and that my DVR supports 1080p for both the VGA and HDMI port.


The VGA cable is 20 metres long, maybe a dodgy VGA cable? or as issue to do with it's length?



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