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NAS Based System?

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Good morning, like many who come here I am looking to build a camera system custom fit to my needs. Ive always found forums to be a great resource for research and helpful information. With all of this stated....

Also, sorry for the long winded post ....

I've recently had the "unwanted" neighbor move bad into her home next door and brought "unwanted" company with her. Perhaps I'm over thinking this, but not likely. There's also been some increased "unwanted" activity in my neighborhood, so I think it's time for a home camera system.


As stated in the title, I'd like to go with an NAS based system. I'm looking at the Synology Diskstation DS218 line. From what I've reviewed, this NAS is basically an AiO system for recording and works as your NVR allowing you to connect through computer system or a mobile device locally or remotely. It also supports up to 10 IP cameras, which also works for me because I want a 6 camera maximum. The system comes with two licenses for cameras and there's additional costs per license.. So far I am sold here.


Next I have cameras to choose from. I've been kicking around IP PoE dome cameras. Hikvision and TrendNet are both manufactures that Synology assures it supports. However, I've read elsewhere that Many other cameras will work as long as the IP is one the network for the NAS to detect.


Cameras are a bit of an issue because there's so much information, it's hard to know what direction is best. I'd like to go with 3 external, two interior and one in the garage which should cover the areas I want monitored. I've been kicking around the Hikvision DS-2DE3304W-DE which is a PTZ outdoor weatherproof night vision camera. Perfect for covering the wide angle of my yard I think. Without having a model selected as of yet, I'd like to go with a non PTZ fixed dome (manual angle adjustment) at the front + rear door ever watchful of the set area. Good resolution, night vision, weatherproof etc. And TrendNet has it's own models I'm looking at as well, the same only different from the n00bs point of view. As a side note, it is my back yard I'm having my concerns with since the "unwanted" company occupies that their backyard. I also know they are less than comfortable with cameras...


With all this information (or lack of depending on your knowledge base) everything will be hard wired except one camera (garage which will be wifi) and connected to a PoE switch and all tucked away securely with only me to find. Owning your own home is beautiful.



My Question: What am I missing, this all sounds too easy....


Suggestions, Reviews, Personal Experiences with any of the listed equipment would be appreciated, thank you

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Did you figure everything out? I have a synology nas ds1817+ I love this thing for my camera system and network storage. I also run the same system at a shipyard that im the IT Director of. I use many different name brand cameras from high end License plate cameras to cheap $50.00 cameras and I have yet to find one that does not work with the synology nas. As long as the ip camera supports onvif you should be good.

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I am running a DS712+ and will be setting up with DS918+ this weekend.

I love Synology. What drives are you using? I have WD Red 5200 rpms, but thinking of getting faster drives. not sure.

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You're essentially doing what I plan to to eventually.


I'd originally acquired our Synology DS218+ to support a DVR app for our whole-house networked TV and DVR solution. Poking-around in the Package Manager, one day, I noticed the Surveillance Station. Did some more poking around and found the DS Cam app for our phones and tablets.


Right now I have it working with the sole Reolink C1 Pro we have, more for eval purposes than anything else. It seems to work fine. (Other than a short while when they bollixed something up and DS Cam did not work on wireless [cellular] networks.)


For cameras I plan to go with Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE Starlight cameras outdoors, and perhaps in the garage, and Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-AS Mini Dome Starlight cameras indoors. I expect to have four-five, total. I'll use a NetGear PoE switch to power them and Monoprice stranded Cat6 Ethernet cable to wire them. (I already have the connectors, boots and ratcheting termination tool.)


I'll keep the Reolink around as a "roamer."




Those WD Reds, at 144-210MB/s (depending on size), should be more than fast enough. All going to 7200 RPM will accomplish is to consume more power, generate more heat and noise, and probably reduce life expectancy.


All of you: If you port-forward to your NAS for off-site access to your surveillance system, be certain to choose strong passwords/pass-phrases, and configure carefully Control Panel -> Security -> Account. Ours has been up only a month or so and somebody's taken a shot at the admin account already.

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I have had some rusian ips try to get in. The best thing is to disable the admin account (as per synologys support.) You are also set automatic ip blocking which is what has alerted me to the ip trying to get it.


Regarding the RPM. Are you saying that your surveillance it doesn't make much of a difference (which would explain why you only see 7200rpm on the 10TB model from WD).


I am wondering if the cache will have a better performance effect. I need to get new larger drives for 24/7 recording, my 2TB (shared with PC files) get rotated often (video).


I had Reolink for a bit. They support is good and responsive. They are good for an inexpensive camera. I had their 5MP.

I have gone amcrest and dahua now.


On the 918+ I am thinking of keeping my 2TB red drives (2) and installing another volume with purple only for surveillance.

If the rpm doesn't give us a good advance, then maybe I will get this:



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