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  1. Thanks folks. I ended up ordering a WD purple 10TB 7200 rpm. I want to record 24/7 - which in my mind is the best so that you can get the entire story should something happen. I was pricey, but you can't have too much space in an NVR from what I have experienced.
  2. FoxSTI

    Best placement of singular camera?

    What did you end up doing? If the is the 4K version you are going to like the quality of the image both day and night. (night performance is pretty good) you typically would want two cameras. But to start off, I would place this one on the overhang above your front door looking at the steps. The second camera, I would place next to your floor light, somewhere above the start you see in your first photo. Being a 2.8mm camera you will capture quite a bit of he street. plan on getting more than one. hope this helps,
  3. Happy holiday guys, I have had to replace drives on PCs and laptops I have bought in the past to a 7200rpm drive since they shipped with a 5200rpm slower drives As such perhaps I have the misconception that a 7200rpm drive would be much faster than the later and offer a performance boost. I'm thinking of installing WD purple drives on my NAS based NVR and configure it as a volume dedicated to NVR funtions. I see that WD-P offer different cache amounts which is good. I am going to be recording 7 days 24/7 5-6 cameras. (different MP due to different needs). One think I like to do is playback / stream video so I can't help to think that I should buy the faster drive I can afford even if that means a 10TB WD101PUR since it is 7200rpm. I don't want fall a victim of the "more is better", so I would appreciate some insight from folks who have first hand experience with these drives. The distilled question here is: Does 7200 offer a real advantage in performance to 5200 ? Thank you
  4. FoxSTI

    NAS Based System?

    I have had some rusian ips try to get in. The best thing is to disable the admin account (as per synologys support.) You are also set automatic ip blocking which is what has alerted me to the ip trying to get it. Regarding the RPM. Are you saying that your surveillance it doesn't make much of a difference (which would explain why you only see 7200rpm on the 10TB model from WD). I am wondering if the cache will have a better performance effect. I need to get new larger drives for 24/7 recording, my 2TB (shared with PC files) get rotated often (video). I had Reolink for a bit. They support is good and responsive. They are good for an inexpensive camera. I had their 5MP. I have gone amcrest and dahua now. On the 918+ I am thinking of keeping my 2TB red drives (2) and installing another volume with purple only for surveillance. If the rpm doesn't give us a good advance, then maybe I will get this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CYBNZKG/ref=crt_ewc_title_huc_1?ie=UTF8&smid=A2Y5U0XPH5G1GE&th=1
  5. FoxSTI

    NAS Based System?

    I am running a DS712+ and will be setting up with DS918+ this weekend. I love Synology. What drives are you using? I have WD Red 5200 rpms, but thinking of getting faster drives. not sure.
  6. Thanks guys. additional cable is sort of challenging to run to the location where there is already and existing cable. There also isn't AC power near by for a small switch. Thanks for the recommendations. I also thought a dedicated cable would be best.
  7. Hi there guys, I have been doing some preliminary research on the question above and came across a tutorial that while not specific to POE IP cameras, it walked you through splitting a single CAT cable to support two devices on each end. Basically you would take 4 wires out of the 8 in a typical cable and crimp them with a connector. considering ip cameras only run at 10/100 mbps according to the article it should be ok. (by the way how come they haven't gotten faster? Has anyone done this with success? My understanding is that the data (video audio) transfer speed to eliminate lag or delays has very little to do with the cable or switches as it does with the cameras ability. In other words, cheap camera have tons of delay due to the cheap internals whereas better stuff does not. (do you guys agree with that?) Thanks
  8. what did you end up getting or doing? I have read that less MP is better in the dark. However higher MP will always yield better result in day / light...
  9. guys can't the p2p in dahuas UNP just be turned off? Also (get ready for dumb question) isn't there a way to run some sort of antivirus on IP cameras or network to clean out the spyware?
  10. FoxSTI

    Hi everyone !

    Hi everyone, really looking to learn and contribute to this forum and I am very glad to have found an alternate community to another site related to the topic. Short story, I asked a question on another forum and apparently pissed off the forum owner and got banned - and insulted via e-mail etc. Really looking forward to keeping it professional here. With that said, I am new to CCTV/IP Cameras but not completely ignorant. I am working on a system based on Dahua and amcrest cameras ran by a synology NAS (yes I going bankrupt w their camera license charges - but at least their tech support is awesome.) In the past I owned one D-link 1MP camera and a low end hikvision. I have not had much luck with those brands and they don't see to include microphones in their cameras which for me is desirable for outdoor cams. I will be posting some question initially and eventually start contributing as I learn more. Thank you !