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connect ptz controller to dvr by rj45 qnd 2 ptz

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hello guys thqnk for reading my question so my setup is :


-1ptz controller.

-2 ptz camera(with rs485)


my question can I connect the ptz controller to the dvr via rj45 cable .even though my 2 ptz camera have only rs485 .like this :


ptz controller rj45 DVR

2 ptz camera rs485 DVR


I hope my question isn't gonna get me laughed at but it is what it is thank you alll very much.

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Most DVRs have a ptz controller built in. dring the camera setup you can check that option and control the camera that way with a virtual controller. the other thing is that the stand alone controller will work with both cams but you need to give each one its own address. the older analog ones i worked with were usually pelco P protocol and I think 9600 baud rate and an address set with dip switches 00 to 200 or something.

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Hi. Your rj45 on the controller would have gone with to a dvr with rj45. Ptz control or to a breakout box.


The breakout box would of given two output options

But if you want to go rj45 to dvr rs485


Make a new lead up ..... on the rj45 only use two wires one goes to pin 3 and one goes to pin 5


3 will go into dvr +

5 will go into dvr -

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