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Best placement of singular camera?

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Looking for advice in where to attach this camera. Would you put it up in the top right corner of the house, where the overhang is? Or the other overhang to the left side of the second story? Or the overhang where the flood lights are or would that be too low? Or does anyone else have any suggestions? The driveway faces the main road and is the only real way to get to the house. Any input or advice would be great. TIA




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Do you have a site plan?

Or maybe you can draw a site plan using a demo version of IP Video System Design Tool,

then add a camera to see coverage area and identification/recogntion/observation zones

This way you can test different scenarios and find the optimal position for your camera.

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What did you end up doing?

If the is the 4K version you are going to like the quality of the image both day and night. (night performance is pretty good)


you typically would want two cameras.

But to start off, I would place this one on the overhang above your front door looking at the steps. The second camera, I would place next to your floor light, somewhere above the start you see in your first photo.


Being a 2.8mm camera you will capture quite a bit of he street.


plan on getting more than one. hope this helps,

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