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Transmitting 1080p over a 15m cable!!!

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I have a 1080p Hikvisioon DVR, with two video ports, one HDMI and one VGA.


I want to connect this DVR to two monitors. One int he same room via a short cable and one in a different room via a long 15m cable.


However, the 1080p feed won't work using the 15m VGA cable connected to the 2nd monitor. But the 1st monitor connected via a short HDMI cable is working fine.


I have been told this is because the GUI of the DVR is not powerful enough to support 1080p over a 15m cable, but is fine for shorter cables.


Should i try swapping and buying a 15m HDMI and a short 2m VGA and see if this works?


Or will i just have the same issue?


If i lower the output resolution of the DVR to 1020x1200, it works fine for both monitors. But this partly defies the point of having 8 x 1080p cameras!!


Are there any other solutions such as signal boosters etc?


I have found things like this online, that use RJ45 cables to transport VGA signal over large distances:





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This is a VGA extender and receiver for cat 5 connection to VGA in and out it will also put 5v for the VGA voltage local.to each part of the system transmisson and receive

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