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How to view only 2 out of 8 cameras on a 2nd monitor

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Hi everyone,

I searched through the older posts but seems like the right answer was hidden deep, so I bring up my question here..

I have an 8 camera system, i'm using lorex's, it's currently up and running and im viewing it through a TV in my living room.

My question is, is there a way for me to create a view only 2 cameras out of 8, in my bedroom, independent from the TV in my living room?

I understand I could do a duplicate view by using an hdmi splitter or the like, but I just wonder is there any other options out there.

Thank you

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not familiar with that system but check and see if their is a spot monitor option another thing to check is setting up another user with limited camera access.You would have to view either on a smart phone or pc

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