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1080p video over a 15 metre VGA cable.

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I have a Hikvision Turbo 1080p DVR, which can export the feed via both a HDMI port and a VGA port at 1080p.


I have two monitors connected to the DVR, one connected via a short 2m 1080p cable in the same room and one connected via a very long 15m VGA port.


When i have the output of the DVR display set to 1080p, it works fine on the short HDMI connected monitor, but does not work on the long VGA connected monitor.


But when i switch down the resolution to 1920 xx 1280, it works on both monitors.


Hikvision say this is because the Graphics Unit of the DVR is not powerful enough to transmit 1080p over the long 15m cable.


Are there any devices that i can buy that will take the 1080p VGA signal and boost it?


I have already tried two VGA to RJ45 converter boxes, but this did not work.



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