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Storage Unit build

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Hi all,


I am attempting to design/install an IP camera system for our storage units (small business – very, very small business). Prior to this, I’ve only set up a few small box systems for friends and family. I’m planning on using Hikvision NVR and Cameras (16+ cams eventually) because I have some passing familiarity recording video with Hikvision hardware from an old job. I’ve been doing my best Google-Fu to answer my questions, but unfortunately I just keep coming up with more questions.


My networking experience is limited to basic home networks, so please excuse my ignorance. Can I take 2-10 port poe switches (connect 8 cam each), run them to a main switch, and connect that to my NVR? Can this be done with unmanaged switches?


Like this?



Also I’ll have to run cable in conduit along the exterior walls of the storage buildings. Where I live subzero temps are common in the winter, and 100F(37C) in the summer. Can cat5/6 cable handle that? Do I need the outdoor direct burial cable instead (even though it's in conduit)?


Below is the hardware I was considering. I am grateful for all tips and suggestions.


NVR - Hikvision DS-9616NI-I8 because it looks like it can grow with our system if/when we expand.



Cameras - Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-IWS (in various focal len)



Switches - BV-Tech 10 Port PoE+ Industrial DIN Rail


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