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IP Camera to NVR and LCD Monitor

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I have a Lorex IP camera (LND4750ABW) at the front door that is currently connected to the NVR, which is a good distance away. I'd like to tap directly off the camera into a small LCD display. The front door as no peephole and I'd like this small display for that reason. Is there a way to "split" this like I'm envisioning?


[Added] The monitor does take a CAT5e input.



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Hi. With some cameras you can ...... Some cameras are both IP and composit out . You would use composite direct to monitor.


But your lorex is only IP.


So you have two options .... Run a cable from your NVR back to your front door and display all cameras on your monitor.


Or the easy way ......Best Buy $40 10inch tablet and link that wifi to your NVR and only view the door camera .....and you would also get audio that way.


Also you can carry tablet around with you in home or garden and let it alert you to front door

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