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Hi everyone !

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Hi everyone, really looking to learn and contribute to this forum and I am very glad to have found an alternate community to another site related to the topic. Short story, I asked a question on another forum and apparently pissed off the forum owner and got banned - and insulted via e-mail etc. Really looking forward to keeping it professional here.


With that said, I am new to CCTV/IP Cameras but not completely ignorant. I am working on a system based on Dahua and amcrest cameras ran by a synology NAS (yes I going bankrupt w their camera license charges - but at least their tech support is awesome.)


In the past I owned one D-link 1MP camera and a low end hikvision. I have not had much luck with those brands and they don't see to include microphones in their cameras which for me is desirable for outdoor cams.


I will be posting some question initially and eventually start contributing as I learn more.

Thank you !

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