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Hikvision cameras

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I have just added a second camera to my Hikvision CCTV setup.


For some unknown reason I now have both cameras named as 'Camera 1'


Before fitting the second camera, when I into 'camera management' via the NVR menu there were entries showing for Camera 1 - Camera 2 - Camera 3 and Camera 4.

At that time only the line for camera 1 was populated. Now that I have fitted the second camera, the first two lines are populated but both are called 'camera 1'


Does anyone have any idea why this would be or how I can edit the second camera details.


Thank you.

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log directly into camera 2 and rename it. cameras usually come with a default camera 1 name or similiar


Hi, thank you for trying to help. Can you advise me of the route to get at the cameras please. I can't log-in directly to them as they are connected directly to the NVR. If I go into Hikvision I can get at 'Configuration' and then 'Camera Management' but I don't seem to get an option to do any editing at that point.


Any further thoughts please?


Many thanks.


EDIT : 25/11/18 10.30 am Got it sorted now. Thanks for the initial help.

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