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Need a reliable budget NVR system

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I was wondering if there are any NVR 1080p budget security systems (nothing above 300 AUD/ 170 GBP/215 USD) which members have used, which have lasted at least a few years after continuous use. I ask this as there so many reviews online that praise the short-term benefits, but don't comment on how it fairs over time. some of my other requirements include being able to see a licence plate from around 15 meters away and clearly seeing faces. I'm not interested in whether the system is hard to use, or if it's hard to connect a smartphone, or cloud storage, or warranties, I just want basic recording and storing. I'd also prefer to have WIRED connections and 4 cameras + 4 channels. 

Here's one I've got my eye on, which you might be able to comment on;



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Hi. That is the new xm range..... It is not a IP system. It is analogue HD over cat cable.  You can't connect Poe standard cameras to that recorder... And you can't use them cameras on a Poe NVR.

it is a throw away system if recorder goes down or if cameras start to fail. It's a proprietary system (can't connect standard IP cameras to it) you will wish you never bought it.


i know CCTV products are expensive there and limited. You need something that you can replace cameras unlike your link.

i did a search on your eBay and found this which is much better spec and you can use other brands with it. 



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