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Cantex DVR with SmartPSS and Port Forwarding

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Hello all,

I've been searching around (here and youtube) and can't find what I'm looking for. First of all I'm a noob with enough knowledge to get me in trouble....Here's the poop..

I have an existing Security camera setup in my business and I want to add another DVR and Cameras to the mix.

My existing system uses quickddns.com and using SMartPSS to see the cameras.

I bought a Cantek DVR and I want to be able to view the new DVR in the SMARTPSS software...

I tried many port forwarding combinations and failed...I know this is relatively simple to someone who knows about this. But I clearly am having problems.

I'd be willing to:

----Take advice and assistance here

----Hire someone to help (if I knew who) (I'm in Massachusetts)

----Or Both

What are your recommendations?


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Hi. Smart pss belongs to dahua and there is only one 3rd party company that can also use smart PSS 


change the the port on your cantex recorder to 34667 and see if that connects

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Hi. Yes it's floron....... But you also have lorex that does not need any extra port forwarding as there units are all dahua. So going lorex both units would be on your mobile devices

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