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I have a Homeguard  2TB DVR which I have been running 8 Cameras from with no problems, recording for up 30 to Days.  I have had to install a new Hdd, and now the DVR is only recording for 24 hours, Can anyone advise how to get the new Hdd to record for longer please.

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1 hour ago, Lottie3 said:

Thank you for the help, Yes a new hard drive was installed  ? but still only recording for 24 hours.

Ok we will forget the question on how did you format.

you have 2 threads and 3 posts (only recording 24hrs) so we know your problem. 

Is hard drive the same make and capacity as the one you removed and how did you format ?

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Integrator , sorry for being so vague, the new Hdd was installed and supplied by a techi.

He said he was installing a 2TB like the original one, but I suspect only a 1TB has been fitted.

Hdd reads  total space =  "931gb"  Free space 818 gb . do not know how the techi  formated. he has returned 3 times to fix it but failed, he says it just needs configuring, but refuses to visit again, still only recording for 24 hours . could it be a faulty HDD ?.  MANY THANKS

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