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DVR showing wrong timing

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Hello Henry,

1- Some times when the DVR is new and we do the setup, if the Time Setting is 24Hrs clock, we can set the wrong time selecting 03:00 meaning PM but the DVR is 24hrs clock and the time is 3am .

2- If you DVR has a battery design to keep the basic setting data persistent, it could be a worn out battery.

3- Last thing i think could be,it is a faulty firmware on the DVR, probably a factory restore or upgrade can help to solve it.



Jay P. - Dicsan Technology

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Clocks are all different among your DVR, Cameras, your PC, and your mobile phone, either running faster or slower than each other.

The more accurate time can be shown on your phone whose time can be reset regularily, through network connection to the world standard time.

If your DVR does not support RTC (real time clock), probably not, you better reset the clock to your smart phone's, once in a while.

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