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Matthew Davis

Started a cloud nvr platform, wanting to get some help testing (free accounts, not charging)

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Hey folks,

I recently launched streamnvr.com and I'm wanting to get some beta testers.

I'll be giving out free (lifetime, no strings attached) accounts to members of cctvforum.com.

Please message me and I'll get ya setup!

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Hi. Can I ask why your terms and conditions are not available when click on them ?

also some misleading information on your site.

NVR requires a pc 24/7 .... that is not the case.


what is free .... is it just the subscription?

$20 a month for 1 camera domestic 

4 camera domestic $960 a year


cloud based system is a lot more vulnerable than a nvr ..... phone lines / cable line cut ..... no footage and it does not have to be cut at the home ..... exchange/ distrubution boxes


cloud storage should be sold as a second backup not as main recording 

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