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Expand and upgrade avigilon or move to Hik NVR?

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My current CCTV system consists of Avigilon Software running on a server and 12TB NAS storage, coupled to a mix of Hikvision and Avigilon cameras.

I have a 12 camera license for the Avigilon, currently version 5.

Im now at the stage where Im looking to add more cameras to cover different parts of the building and an outbuilding. I think I may need to go beyond 16/17 cameras, so would need another 4+1 camera licenses for the avigilon server (if they still sell them in groups of 4 or 1 only).

Whilst I really like the Avigilon software and have stuck with it for a few years, Im getting a bit sick of the whole smoke and mirrors pricing with Avigion software and licenses whenever Ive had the need to upgrade or expand.


I see there is a free upgrade to acc6 if previous licenses were bought after 1st July 2016.  I bought my previous upgrade about 2 weeks earlier, ffs.  So that's another probably £150+ to upgrade for the sake of two weeks.  I'm getting a bit sick of the way I have to pay a chunk of money to upgrade the existing estate every time i want to add a couple more cameras.

So I am now considering moving the whole lot to a Hikvision NVR and leaving avigilon. I actually prefer the Hikvision cameras I have to the Avigilon ones, especially when comparing the Hikvision Turrets to the Avigilon Domes. Low lying sun can sometimes catch the domes and all but wipes the picture out (probably not the most appropriate camera type for the location, my fault).

All of my cameras are currently powered by POE, the vast majority of the wired network in the home is gigabit, and there is always a gigabit link back to the server room where the NVR would be housed. Not all cameras are connected directly back to the server room, they may connect into a POE switch at one point in the house and then there is a single gigabit backhaul from that switch to a switch in the server room.

So, Im either now going to get another few camera licenses for Avigilon, at which point Im no doubt going to be told I need to upgrade to version 6 in order to add more channels, and whatever that costs. Or I go for the 16 channel Hikvision NVR and reuse the Avigilon Cameras that I can via ONVIF. Hopefully I can still employ motion detection this way too.

What are peoples thoughts? Stick with the Avigilon software and add the necessary channel licenses or start again and go with a Hikvision NVR, and then Im good for up to 16 channels before more expense at the NVR end?

Is my current network/wiring up to the job, or do I really need to get every camera back to the NVR individually?

Id also like to have the ability to monitor remotely, and perhas even have a permanent monitor set up in one room/outbuilding.

I love the avigilon system, but they are starting to p*** me off with the way they price, especially with regard to upgrades and adding cameras.


Grateful for any input or opinion...

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Hi. Chesterfield.

i remember you installing your system ..........I think it will be a mistake going over to a hikvision NVR 

hikvision cameras are good ........but there NVRs and the software is old ......there security side of recorders is a joke to the point it is not secure anymore.


check your PM for a alternative........ It makes hikvision look like a toy.  

Pit will also Handel your avigilon cameras no problem.

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On 1/13/2019 at 8:43 PM, ak357 said:

Do u have Core or Std Avigilon Lic?

Thanks for the replies so far guys.   My current setup is standard, 12 channels.

Ive had pricing back for options to upgrade the number of channels on my existing setup, which is not out of the question, but still a bit steep (£470 ($600)  for four channels including tax).

Another option has presented itself in the possibility of purchasing a used 8 channel Avigilon NVR (Core) with software.  This raises a few of questions which others may know the answer to here:

Are licenses transferable to other people - i.e. can I even use this NVR standalone at my home without breaching some terms with AVigilon?

Is it possible to move the license for these 8 channels to my current 12 channel setup leaving me with a total of 20 channels on one system?  I assume this would involve some form of upgrade from core to standard on the 8 channel NVR, or indeed is it possible to "downgrade" my system to core in oredr to accept these 8 channel licenses.  I dont really need standard now on version 5/6, but as it was the only one which allowed the level of remote access I needed way back on version 4, thats why I have standard, I'd be happy with the features of Core now if I could have the 20 channels in one location.

Worst case scenario, the 8 channel box would have to sit as a separate entity on the network and Id have to connect my remote stations/phones to two different gateways - which is a bit messy.

Any advice welcomed as always :)

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To answer a few questions -

Yes licenses can transfer or be used by other people and even can be deactivated from one server to be loaded on a different server in case

of a crash or migrating, they are also sold in 1,4,8,16,24,48 channel packs and you can mix and match, just not split a single channel key.

However when dealing with the 8/16/24 port appliances/nvrs those licenses that come with them are tied to that unit and can not be

transferred to another server and since you have standard running you'd have to upgrade all 8 core licenses to standard to match your current environment so that

you could login to both at the same time.    I also believe moving to the hik nvr won't be the best as ACC provides better security and much faster searching and user experience imo.

If you're buying avigilon cameras for your expansion you could probably go back and ask the integrator to maybe discount the quote to cover the cost of your

ACC 5 to ACC 6 licenses as they are $20 msrp usd each.  Otherwise if you go hikvision cameras and just upgrade licenses and buy more they won't be inclined to discount.

Of course the integrator would have to get the discount approved from the avigilon sales person.   Every 2-3 years a major release will come out and hopefully they'll still grandfather people

in after a certain purchase date as acc 7 i would think would be coming out this year.

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Thanks for the info.


I suspected that the licenses on the Avigilon NVRs may not be able to be moved.  Which leaves me with the upgrade and expand option.


I already have a few cameras spare, and wouldn't be buying new avigilon cameras for any extra channels that I need cameras for.  I'd have them off eBay for a third the price, or new hikvision.

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