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I am not a video person at all but am trying to help out a local organization I work with as a Volunteer.  They have a visitation room with what looks like a vintage 1990's camera wired up to a VCR.  There is a separate microphone run for audio.  And none of it seems to work.  I would like to replace it for them.  So I need suggestions.  Here are the criteria:

  • The room is about 10' x 10' with 8' drop suspended ceiling. 
  • Camera would be wall mounted up in a corner of the room at ceiling
  • There is power in this location
  • A "wider" angle lens would be ideal as the camera needs to cover the whole room
  • This building has NO internet connection.  I would like staff to be able to "log in" to the camera from a laptop (Mac) in another room and also record to the laptop.  Can a WIFI based camera be setup on a WIFI network that is NOT connected to the Internet - in essence a router just used to create a LAN in the building?  Is such a thing even possible?
  • Camera also needs audio record capability (no talk back function needed) and be able to pick up spoken word throughout the room
  • Doesn't need to be full HD, but good quality, color
  • Doesn't need "night time" capability
  • Doesn't need remote control / movement
  • Finally - as inexpensive as possible, as I will be paying for this out of pocket as a donation to them.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Thanks.  I see a couple issues:

1) In the reviews it states this is a 3rd party seller and the manufacturer provides no warranty, service or firmware updates.  Not good.

2) I don't see any info on how you can get the video off the SD card and onto the computer w/o having to haul out a ladder, pull out the SD card, transfer video and put the SD card back.  That won't work as this will be mounted at the ceiling line in a small, heavily occupied room.  Need to be able to record direct from camera to a laptop over in house WIFI (NOT Internet) as well as monitor the camera (and audio) live.  Or monitor live while recording and download recorded file to the laptop later w/o physically accessing the SD card.  Need to record ON DEMAND as well.  Don't need to record all the time the camera is on.


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1. Just look for that camera at a reputable dealer you trust.

2. You can download the video from the SD card without removing it, just log into it with your laptop. You can record on demand. You can use wifi without internet, but still may have interference problems.

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