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Hi Watch NVR, no option to rotate or flip image?

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Hi ,

Totally new to the whole CCTV scene , but I am fitting my own POE system.

So far I have fitted 4 of the 8 camera's. All is going well but I have no option in camera settings to be able to flip or rotate the image. Its just not there.


Specs as follows.

Hikvision/Hi Watch NVR-208M -A/8P

8 x  Hi Watch IPC-D120 Camera's.

CAT 6 solid copper cables.


My friend has the same spec NVR ( bought from the same Ebay supplier)  and the same camera's also bought from the same Ebay supplier( although different from where the NVR  was purchased). He has the options in the camera menu.



Does anyone have any suggestions/come across this before?


Its driving me mad!


Thanks in advance



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