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where can I find Analog HD specifications

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Does anybody know where I can find analog HD specifications. Specifically wire run lengths.

I have tested HD TVI up to 8--' and its good but I need to know the specs for a book I'm writing.

Then there used to be an association  for high definition CCTV? Any help would be appreciated

thanks guys

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HD-CVI was initiated by Dahua.

HD-TVI was initiated by Hikvision and Techpoint.

HD-AHD was initiated by Nextchip.

With my two cents in,  nothing much to claim as a standard or patentship,

as they are all similiar to NTSC scheme, a sort of adhoc.

Sqeezing more number of pixels and moving color sub-carrier frequency to a higher freqency zone, etc.

That's why the signal gets deterioated as distance gets longer, as  we know the signal of higher frequency can not go longer.

Up to 200 meters, 1080P x 30fps is tested OK in our lab on a good commercial cable.

And therefore no common governing organization for these adhocs.

You have to contact them each, for more information.

Basicaly, as long as  they serve your needs, you can go for them.

Simply because they are cheap enough.



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