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Cold Weather Killed LTS CMIP 3032 Camera?

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Not sure if cold played a role this morning; it was only -4F but one of my LTS CMIP 3032s dropped the network connection. It is connected to a Linksys 8 port POE, all other cams connected to this switch are working. So I took it off the house and brought it to the switch, plugged it in and the IR light came on to indicate it is booting up only there is no network connection. Each port on the linksys switch has a green light for power and blinking orange light for 10/100 active connections. All other cams have both lights but this one only has the green. I then took it off the POE and powered it with 12 VDC and plugged the cam into a non POE switch and nothing - no lights for that jack. There was power as indicated by the IR light but still no connection. This cam has a third cord with a button connected to the power/female RJ45 cords. Tried unplugging cam, pressing button, plugging cam back in and hold button for 30 seconds; still no connection and SADP Tool is not seeing it.

Not sure what else to do. Anyone else out there experience this with a LTS or Hikvision?

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