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Will Hikvision Turbo-HD PTZ do Motion Detection

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This is probably a daft question, if you know the answer but I don't and don't know who else to ask, sorry...

I have a Hikvision Turbo-HD DVR recording from static cameras on Motion Detection, which are great.

I want to get a Hikvision Turbo-HD PTZ camera for a particular job which part of the year is static, trained on a certain area and the rest of the year will be watching different areas not static.

My question is - During the time that the camera is static, will I be able to record footage on Motion Detection only ?

Is there something I should look for in the Camera Details or is it just down to the Hikvision DVR setup as for my other cameras ?

I have a Hikvision PTZ camera in mind (DS-2AE4225TI-D(C) but can't see anything in the details which says it won't do the job, however, most people would buy a PTZ camera to be recorded continuously.

I have noticed some new cameras have Smart things that they can do, like Face Detection but they are more money than I can justify on this task.

Any information would be very much appreciated.  Thank you.

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Hi. You are right .... while your ptz is static then yes motion detect will work. 


You can also use the motion detect from a static camera to command your ptz to go to a location

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Brilliant.  Thank you 'tomcctv' for your swift reply and help.  I'll get it bought and installed.  :-)

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