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setting up the nvr for an app

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ok last week i had problems getting a camera connected to an nvr well i got it to go but now i need to find out if i want to see the camera on tinycam app what ip address would i use the camera or the nvr in the app?  do i have to set up something in the netservice section

i tried a bunch of settings and i'm seem to be missing something it is not connecting like the 2 dvrs i have connected to the tinycam app. but this one's netservice is a bit different and not responding like the others. i have these setting on this nvr to pick form  0 means not set 1 means set

pppoe  0

ntp 0 npt:60

ddns ddns set invalid       so i entered the no-ip i have configured in the modem but i think i really do not need this

upnp 0

rtsp 1:554

cloud connected

mobile reported enable

gb 28181 enabled


i think this is not an nvr issue but an the tinycam issue being i can see this camera on bothe the nvr and the network thru the onvif app


i would rather use tinycam app if possible to save apps on my phone and tablet, i can't run the onvif app on my tablet it say no room,  


anyone have an idea. i did see that i have no ptz control on the nvr but if i can get it on tinycam i may get those. thanks

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maybe what i need to find out is what camera brand and model might be used in the tinycam app. i have the zmodo dvr unit's ip address in the app and i have to use a camera name and model then i use channel numbers to get all the zmodo cameras in the app. 

this nvr uses for default 34567 as the default media port and 80 for the default http port. i have enter them and it is not showing. so i need to see if anyone has a name and model for these nvr units? the name on the unit says digital video recorder model nvr6208 but it is not in the app selection.  behind the power output is has planetsc but that is not there either? maybe someone know of a generic nvr make and i can pick models in the app? thanks

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found the issue i had a bad cat5 cable for some reason i had one factory made but never did use it and this time for some reason it pulled the nvr down and did not let it show any video. as soon as i unpluged it from the nvr and then used another one the video shoes up.  go figure that one it gave me no sign of failure on the nvr at all. thanks for the help

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