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New Hikvision Turbo HD PTZ Dome - Privacy Masking

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Just installed a superb quality Hikvision DS-2AE4225TI-D ptz camera, but can't find the Privacy Mask sub-menu.  This is a 2018 model camera.

The data sheet says it has 8 Privacy Masks available.

The Baseline User Manual V3.28, dated 02/12/2016, downloaded from Hikvision yesterday, says it is in a particular sub-menu but it isn't.  I've tried them all, as far as I can see.  I believe the generic booklet is well out of date.

Hikvision will only deal with the Trade and refer me to my supplier who also doesn't appear to be able to help at this moment in time.  At least not off the top of his head.

Has anyone had this problem before and can help me sort it please ?

I have a neighbour who will definitely whinge so I need all the bases covered before someone comes knocking.

Apart from that, the camera is the dogs danglies.  Very pleased with it.  Amazing night time pictures too, better than my other cameras, which are also hikvision but static.

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