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Bosch NDC-455 IP Camera Issues

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I inherited a few NDC-455-V03-21P cameras but I can't find their IP. I have defaulted their IP and tried the IP Helper Tool. They are getting sufficient power, it just doesn't look like they are talking. Getting the same symptom on all cameras. 

Thanks in advance.

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Im using PoE and did a pin reset to the default programming and IP ( Im using a single PoE injector (48v at .35a) and when I connect to my network it doesnt appear on my network devices.

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8 hours ago, bsicard said:

No it

Hi ..... and this also answers your other post problems  .... ip addres is your problem .... none of your cameras or recorder can talk with your network. 

Is this a home or business network ? 


You will need to change the IP address on the ip cameras to match your network  ..... I don’t know how many cameras you have but you need to give them a ip like this for camera 1 for camera 2 

and so on till you have changed all your cameras   

You will need to use a pc or laptop off your network and plug your cameras into laptop 1 at a time to change the IP address. 

Use a laptop if can ... not connected to any network .... but wright down its current settings so you can reset it back later 

to see the ip of each of your cameras change your laptop IP address 


in this instruction it is for 

you need to set it to

amd the gateway to

then plug cameras 1 by 1 into laptop and change each ip from to for cam 1  

now you will see them on your network 

..if this is not your own network ..... don’t do anything and talk to the it people ..... if it’s your network for home then your ok following these instructions 

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