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Connecting my DVR to router Via WiFi Dongle?

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>>So I just got a new security system installed today. The DVR belongs to the Securico brand and has 8- Channels. The issue is that even though I was promised that I will be able to connect my DVR to my router wirelessly the with the help of a wifi dongle, the surveillance guy (who installed the security system) backed out saying a wired connection will be needed which is not possible in my case. 

>>TL;DR :So can I get a wifi dongle and install it in my DVR to connect it to my internet? If so then how will I know which dongle is compatible and which is not?

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Hi. Some manufactures a few years ago included dongles to work with there systems ...avermedia being one of them 

in your case adding a dongle will need software to be added to your recorder which you can't do.


the only option you have with not using a cable is power line adapters 

just plug one into back of recorder and one direct into your router 



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2 minutes ago, tomcctv said:

Hi how would this connect to recorder ?

They connect via ethernet cable via the Rj45 port one the DVR and modem box 

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