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Smart pss showing offline(timeout)

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My dahua xvr 5816s with build date 08/08/2017  is working very fine.i can ping my IP and gateway successfully.the internet connection is stable. My smart pss is showing "ofline(timeout) status" each time I run the program,it takes more than 30 minutes to show "online status".the desktop i installed my smart pss has stable internet connection.i have tried all I could to stop this delay of coming online or showing offline(timeout).I install the latest PSS. 

Please anyone with possible solution to this problem and also,can you please tell me the  cause of this delay in coming online or why it shows offline(timeout) for some minutes before coming online.

Your response is highly appreciated


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check your PC Admin rights and your firware settings.

and check out your router's configuration as well. if your connecting through DNS. double check on the stability of IP address update.

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