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HIK 7208 HIHQ-K1

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Hi all, looking for some advice. Got an 8 channel hikvision 7208 HIHQ-K1 running 7 HIK cameras wired in cat 6. Am I correct in saying that I can also run and IP CAM off this dvr with POE from this dvr.  And if so any recommendations, I am looking for a PTZ, with really sharp nighttime viewing. I have hik bullet DS-2ce16d8t-it3ze at the moment and it’s a good camera but I feel it’s a little limited on night time range. (Loookg to cover up to 50 mts)

Any help greatly appreciated. 



Ps don’t really want to have to run anymore cables, it’s a concrete house so I have surface 20mm pvc conduit concealed as best as I can at the moment so adding another conduit for another cable is not what I want to do, hence why I would like to supply it off the existing cat 6. 

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Hi, from what I understand of the spec, the 7208HIHQ-K1 supports 2 ip channel. There are 2 PoE ports at the back? Usually the DVR that supports IP doesn't come with PoE ports, just one single LAN.

You'll need to run your IP through a network switch, preferably a PoE one so you don't need to power your IP PTZ separately. So basically you connect camera -> switch -> DVR LAN.

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