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Resolution Headaches

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Please, if you can give any suggestion at all, do so! I am *stuck*.

I have new HD analog cameras, capable of modern high resolutions, this model:


I have an NVR, DS-7208HVI-ST/SE.

I have created (with BNC crimps) an new BNC-BNC cable and connected the camera to the NVR.

I have no camera image on the NVR.  I believe that it's working properly.

Questions include:

1) How can I tell if the camera is working? No LEDs, no POE, no ethernet lights (lol) -- it's just a black box.  How can I be sure it's even on?

2) How does the camera and the nvr negotiate a working resolution? Do I need to buy ones that match, and I didn't, so that's it; I need to buy new cameras? In which case,  where on earth can I buy 4CIF cameras?  There appears to be no option to configure resolutions on the the camera or the NVR, i had been half expecting to find dip switches.

3) Does anyone know how I can get hold of Hikvision to get an admin password reset on the NVR? USA support refer me to Australia, and Australian support ignore my emails.  Online services don't yield a working unlock key.

It comes from a site with existing hybrid power/coax cable runs, and I don't want to recable the whole building, so i want to keep the working cameras and the cables that are there, which means there's little point replacing the NVR, because I'd just be replacing a working analog NVR with another unit of basically the same thing.

Thanks sincerely in advance for any advice or suggestions!






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you're problem is that you are trying to connect an ANALOG camera to a NVR system, they are not compatible. you need to return the HD Analog camera and purchase an IP network camera

like ebay item# 292900457081

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