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Wifi transfer of 16ch live monitoring

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Hi everyone,

Im establishing a cctv system in my own place.  I have ordered a dvr (DVR-216U-K2) that will be in my main building and I need to live stream (monitoring) from 35 meters far away another building.  Unfortunately I cant use any cable, I have to solve the problem by using wifi. There is a plasma monitor (Crea p32M-lw10n) that has only (scart,hdmi,s-video,PC rgb,video slots) in the bulding where I ll monitor the cameras.  I really need your advices about howto set this application. You may see the system structure drawing as attached. I need help at the red pointed area.

I dont wanna establish a computer, its gonna be hard to control if its being used something else or not. Also I will need to maintain time to time.

I thought using a mini android device but lcd monitor doesnt have usb slot, also Im not sure if its recognize the antenna I will plug for wifi. Also I havent used android mini device ever, so not sure if its sutable or not.

I think need a way that will add the plasma monitor into my lan(getting an ip), and  over the local ip catching the live stream.






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