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Hikvision NVR stops recording with motion detection

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I have installed a DS7600(ds-7632ni-k2) series NVR with 9 IP third party cameras(supports onvif). Among the 9, I have set 8 cameras to be recorded with continuous mode and for 1 camera I have set motion detection. The nvr started recording after recognizing a motion. Also I could see the yellow bell and red recording icons for this camera in live view. But after a while(may be 2 or 3 minutes), the camera with motion detection set stops recording and it does not recognize any motion. Can you tell me what could be wrong? Does this model of NVR has any problems? I hope motion detection works with both Hikvision and third party cameras.

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onvif is not matured protocol, it always gives problems.

update your camera to be onvif 2.3+ version, and profile S, and try again.

but my recommendation is you use hikvision camera for it, it's more stable. you don't want your security system is not secure.

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