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David Bracewell

Can't connect QSEE NVR to Highfly cameras

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Cannot get Q-SEE QC8816 NVR to connect to two Highfly (Ektevision) 5MP IP cameras.

I am able to configure the cameras using the Highfly tool when they are connected to my home network with power supply attached as follows:

- change the IP (to run on my home network)

- login to the admin account (password blank)

Using the PC-based VMS tool I can see a picture from the cameras, and further found that the onvif port was 8899, that I could enable RTL and that the TCP port was 34567.

Before connecting to the NVR, I changed the IP to (and 149) which are compatible with it.

No matter which camera manufacturer or type I select on the NVR, it will not connect though it does register the two cameras by their IP addresses.  The closest I get is when I select "Private" as the type and set the TCP port to 34567.  When I press the connect button, it takes 10 seconds to come back, but otherwise does nothing.  Any other selection of camera type (such as "onvif") or other port value does not generate a delay when you press connect, indicating that nothing is happening.

I have not updated the firmware on the NVR.

I have not tried to change the configuration of the camera beyond ensuring that RTL is enabled.  I tried changing the TCP port to 37777 which is the initial value that comes up on the NVR for "private" types, but the camera became non-responsive to the config tool, so I reset it to the original 34567 (which luckily it let me do).

Anyone any ideas?







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Did you try the Hikvision settings on NVR? Does the NVR and camera support ONVIF protocol?

Try downloading the ONVIF device manager and see if it can connect to the cameras. When mixing brands of cameras with NVR it is usually done with ONVIF.

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Thanks for your reply.  The NVR does not have Hikvision on its list of manufacturers/standards, but it does have ONVIF and the cameras also support (some version of) ONVIF.  Do you have specifics for Hikvision in terms of protocols and ports?  

I took another look at the NVR today and it definitely is looking for port 37777.  I think I'll try to use one of the config tools to change the cameras from their current port of 34567 (even though it means I lose functionality on the PC based viewing tool, which doesn't matter in the long run, provided I don't lose contact with the cameras all together!

I'll check out the ONVIF device manager.

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Follow-up on ONVIF Manager.  Installed this and able to view video from camera (thanks).  It reports the video stream at:


Which I take it means it's using onvif with port 554.

This tool does not report the TCP protocol port of 34567 which I believe the NVR wishes to see at 37777.


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Choose "General" as the camera type and then enter the rtsp calls for the main stream and the sub-stream:

rtsp://<IP address>:554/user=admin&password=&channel=1&stream=0.sdp?  -- for main stream
rtsp://<IP address>:554/user=admin&password=&channel=1&stream=1.sdp?  -- for sub-stream
None of the built-in camera types in the NVR (Q-See QC8816) appeared to accommodate this.
Using TCP port 37777 does not seem to be part of the solution.

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