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Hikvision Doorbell Camera - Review / Comments

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I have just installed my Hikvision DB-120A-IW 1080p Doorbell Camera. The installation has gone fine and i have wired the doorbell to a Friedland mechanical chime and i have it set it up on my 10 channel Hikvision Turbo DVR to record 24/7 as an IP camera.


- It look fairly nice and neat,

- Installation wasn't too hard,

- It works well with my mechanical chime and connects OK to my DVR,

- The lens is very wide angle and I have a good sharp image.

- The nightvision is OK (But I have an outdoor front door light and street light).

- The doorbell camera works and is visible 24/7 over wifi or 4G as 1 of 9 DVR cameras using the IVMS-4500 app on my iphone.

The BAD:

- The doorbell is located ONLY 3 metres from my Router and is connect to my 2.4ghz Wifi with a strong 5/5 signal (according to my phone). Yet, the stream from the doorbell has a 2 second lag and so the DVR recording is quite poor and is only at about 1 frame every 2 seconds. Even though it's set to record at 8fps.

- The Audio for the doorbell is also very poor and practically unusable as an intercom device as it has a lot of lag and echo and the video never appears when i get a call to my phone.

- However, I also have the doorbell setup using the Hikvision-Connect app, but when I try to use the live feed, this app constantly crashes or freezes at 95%.

- I find it very annoying that the doorbell is NOT compatible with 5ghz wifi, as i have a dual 2.4ghz/5ghz wifi router and being connected to 5ghz would surely reduce the lag.


Does anybody know what fps the camera tries to transmit at? And is this adjustable?

Because if this is 30fps (real time), this is not necessary and i would like to reduce it to 10fps in order to reduce the transmission bandwidth if possible.

Anyways, there are my comments on this Doorbell.




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Further to my Review above.

I would like to make a few more positive comments.

I have updated the Firmware to the very latest version and it has made a big difference to the quality of the live feed and recording. 

There is now a lot less lag and both the live feed and recording now seem to be a few Frames Per Second with 1 second or less of lag.

The recording FPS has now been locked though at 12FPS on my DVR. Which is a bit annoying as i'd prefer to only record at 10FPS.

I've heard from other people, that the camera previously tried to send the live feed at around 22-25 FPS, but it has now been reduced to 12FPS. So the bandwidth is now less and that's why it's less choppy. 


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