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Dahua gDMSS play timeline

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gDMSS seems to develop fast and almost every new version has UI messed so much that need to sit down and learn lot of things again. Don't know what is the logic to change so much at once, I got many contacts from confused clients how to do a thing in new version which was working other way in old version...

In some point, maybe 2-3 years ago the playback timeline changed. In older version, when you started playback and chose all recordings (continuous, motion detection, alarm, ivs) you still could see on timeline different colours. Dim, but it was there. Now in newer versions, I could not see this anymore. If I choose all, everything is just gray, and if I choose motion detection, then I just see orange motion detection recordings but cannot play anything around them. Maybe this is just a feature, couldn't find any setting to display all recordings at different colours as it is viewed in web UI or in SmartPSS.


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