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Help with problem new Dahua ptz camera.

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Hello all,


I have a problem with a new camera i'm trying to install.

I have a cctv system with a Dahua NVR5208-P and 5 dahua 3mp ip camera's .

I have a new Dahua PTZ SD22404T GN camera that I want to add to the system, I took one of the old camera's of the wall and hooked the new ptz camera on the existing wiring but I can not get an image from it.... 

When I hookup the old camera I have an image but when I connect the ptz, nothing....

I reseted the camera with the button under the dome and did a restart of the nvr but still nothing... 


When I take of the dome from the camera there are some lights blinking on the board and on initial hookup the lens did a 360 degree rotation.


Can somebody help me with this ?

The previous camera's were just plug and play, I assumed this was the same ... 

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I would bypass the NVR and power the camera another way, like 110v supply or poe switch and see if that works. It may be incompatible with the NVR. I would also check with the seller of the camera on compatibility with the NVR.

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Thx for the advice, but I found the problem. I had to give the camera another ip adres for it to work ?  

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